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Taj Cape Town has once again set the gold standard for ultra-luxury, inner-city accommodation, after winning the prestigious Best Hotel award in the 2014 SATOA Awards.

SATOA is a leading professional non-profit travel and tourism association formed in 1982 to promote travel to Africa and the Indian Ocean. The organization has gained a reputation for bringing sub-Saharan African and Indian Ocean industry movers and shakers together while encouraging an exchange of ideas on improving tourism to the region. SATOA’s membership spans airlines, tour operators, travel agents and luxury accommodation providers in the United Kingdom, Africa and the Indian Ocean.

On the 18th of September, the much anticipated 3rd annual SATOA awards celebrated the ‘Best of the Best’ as nominated and voted by these member and travel industry partners with judging independent of SATOA. Of the eight categories in this year’s contested competition, the award winners all represented the pinnacle of service excellence in recognition of the outstanding achievements made by the very best in Southern Africa travel.

Taj Cape Town is proud to have secured top honours against a competitive field after winning the award for the Best Hotel over 20 rooms at the Award Ceremony held in London. This prestigious award is a fine addition to the Hotel’s growing list of accolades and a shining example of the Hotel’s stellar performance on the international stage.

From the neighbouring Houses of Parliament and St George’s Cathedral to Cape Town’s National Library, Art Gallery’s and Museum’s, Taj Cape Town’s strong relationship with Cape Town’s rich heritage and cultural history immediately sets the Hotel apart. The proud product of a meticulous refurbishment of the South African Reserve Bank and the Temple Chambers, later becoming the B.O.E Building, Taj Cape Town has transformed two of Cape Town’s grandest heritage buildings into a Cape Town’s finest luxury hotel.

The Taj Cape Town offers luxury accommodation in Cape Town in heart of the city centre and is within walking distance to most tourist attractions, shopping outlets, bustling restaurants and nightlife.

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Taj Cape Town is aware that everyone needs to do their part in ensuring that our scarce natural resources are preserved.

This is why the Taj Cape Town team is now undergoing training from EarthCheck in order to reduce the hotels carbon footprint as much as possible.EarthCheck is a next generation environmental certification and benchmarking organisation which uses a science-based approach to help the travel and tourism industry increase efficiencies, maximize guest experience and minimize environmental and social footprints.

Our recently certified EarthCheck Co-ordinator is currently putting together a “Green Team” made up of representatives for each of the hotels departments in order to motivate fellow colleagues as well as bring awareness to various initiatives now being implemented. More so, various valuable skills are now being learned that will assist the team in their current positions as well as providing both guests and staff with extensive knowledge and industry insight regarding sustainable practices. The team will also be responsible for record keeping, monitoring and detecting areas of improvement in the hotel.

Since 1997, EarthCheck has helped businesses, communities and governments enhance the environmental, economic and social sustainability of their tourism initiatives. They recognise that sustainable outcomes should benefit both the business and community by researching and developing the best solutions for conserving and caring for the planet.

There is already a sense of eagerness and excitement around the project and Taj Cape Town hopes to not only motivate our guests and staff but also the tourism sector in South Africa as a whole to join in. We would like to invite all to make a change and reignite a renewed interest in being innovative and sustainable in the workplace.

The Taj Cape Town offers luxury accommodation in Cape Town in heart of the city centre across the road from the beautiful Company gardens as well as within walking distance of many top Cape Town attractions.




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