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In the wake of the collaboration between Taj Cape Town and The World of First Growths Wine List unveiling at the hotel, a series of wines considered to be the most sought-after in the world is now available for the enjoyment of our guests and visitors to the hotel.

Taj Cape Town is now one of the only locations in Africa where the bespoke list comprising 18 of the top performing vintages from the best wine-producing countries in the world.

The launch of this special wine list offers local and international visitors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy these very rare and special wines, which are stored in ideal conditions and professionally served. Among this list of unique and legendary wine are six of South Africa’s most illustrious vintages.

The legendary wines featured on the list include:

Château Mouton (1996 and 2006 vintages)

It was the de Brane family, who owned the estate from 1720 to 1830, that allegedly introduced the Cabernet Sauvignon vine to Bordeaux and established the reputation of this formidable wine. The wine was promoted to Premier Grand Cru Classé in 1973, the only Bordeaux estate ever to have been promoted within the 1855 Classification.

Heitz Martha’s Vineyard (1991 vintage)

This Cabernet has the most esteemed history of any single vineyard wine in the Napa Valley. The Heitz Wine Cellars pioneered the use of French oak in the maturation cellar while Joe Heitz, the man behind the wine, is considered the first to champion the single vineyard designation in the US. At one stage, his wines were widely to be the greatest ever made in America.

Penfolds Grange (1980 and 1982 vintages)

Arguably Australia’s most famous wine, undeniably its most collectable and officially listed as a Heritage Icon of South Australia, Grange demonstrates the synergy between Shiraz and the soils and climates of South Australia.

MvemveRaats (MR) de Compostella (2011 vintage)

A cuvee of five vine varieties (with Cabernet Franc being the predominant), this award-winning South African wine is created on the premise that each of its component parts is able to stand alone as a single varietal wine. The wines are tasted blind after one year in the barrel and the blend is then constructed in descending percentages, from the highest ranking down.

Château Pétrus (1947, 1988, 1999 and 2001 vintages)

Pétrus is one of a trio of wines from the Right Bank of Bordeaux that now sell at astronomical prices, particularly the older vintages. The wine’s high price tag is attributed to its outstanding quality as well as its scarcity – each vintage comprises only 2,500 cases.

Epicurean (2007 vintage

A very limited Bordeaux style blend (only 2 700 bottles are produced) raised in French oak barrique in the famous cellars of Rupert & Rothschild in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Vergelegen V (2008 vintage)

In some way it is inappropriate to speak of New World Wine when referring to Vergelegen V, as wine production started on this South African estate as early as 1700. It was under the stewardship of Anglo-American, however, that wine production came into its own at Vergelegen. The first vintage was harvested in 1992 and within ten years the estate was recognized as producing some of South Africa’s finest wines, among them this this exceptional single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.

Taj Cape Town is pleased to present guests with the unique opportunity to try not only the very best in South African wine, but to compare these with a unique selection of offerings from the globe’s most iconic estates. These wines are so scarce that many guests may never have the chance to ever taste them.

Taj Cape Town provides stylish accommodation in Cape Town in the historic heart of the Mother City. Written by hand and bound in white leather, the Taj-First Growths Wine List is presented separately to the hotel’s regular wine offering and includes full pedigree and tasting notes of each vintage.

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The Hästens Suite

Taj Cape Town strives to host guests in comfort, opulence and timeless style while providing the epitome of culture, atmosphere and service. The Hästens suite is a continuation of this ethos and the first of its kind in South Africa.

Hästens has had a vast history of providing exceptional bedding to the hospitality industry for over a century. Superior quality and an amazing attention to detail are the hallmarks of the bedding and furniture in this suite.

Hästens is family-owned company which has been producing top-quality beds since the 1800s. The core theme of Hästens products is the belief that beauty and functionality should go hand-in-hand. Each bed is a masterpiece, hand-made with pride and care by skilled craftsmen using the finest natural materials to ensure not only sustainability, but also the most amazing comfort.

The beds themselves are made from hard-wearing natural materials such as horsehair, flax, wool and cotton, all of which are excellent for regulating body temperature.  From the rich colour palette to the inspired hand-stitching – the beauty of a Hästens bed lies in its exquisite detail. Add to this, the stability and quality of the Swedish-pine frames and guests are ensured a divine sleeping experience.

Hästens have been purveyors to the Swedish Royal Court since 1952 and in 2010 the Taj Mahal Palace purchased a bed from Hästens for President Barack Obama’s stay in their Tata Presidential Suite. For discerning guests who value all things superb quality, the Hästens suite is a must when visiting Cape Town.

The Taj and Hästens brands have been the global benchmark for luxury and high quality in the bed and hospitality industries for more than a century. Perfectly situated in the historic city centre of Cape Town, Taj Cape Town provides the best in luxury accommodation. Guests of Taj Cape Town are welcome to enjoy the quintessential luxury experience in our dedicated Hästens suite.

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