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Built in 1893, the African Banking Corporation (ABC) Building on St. Georges is both one of Cape Town’s most impressive examples of Art Deco architecture, and one of South Africa’s top listed heritage buildings.

The ABC Building on 111 St Georges has seen many a re-envisioning, including its original demolishment to make way for the renaissance-styled ABC Branch of Standard Bank in 1927 and its conversion into a restaurant in 2007. It is with great pleasure that Taj Cape Town will soon re-introduce this newly converted building as the premier conference and banquet venue for 2014.

With its impressive five storey façade of Paarl Granite and fluted Ionic columns, this historic building has a sense of style and permanence that is impossible to replicate. As with the development of Taj Cape Town in the Board of Executors building as well as the renovation of the South African Reserve Bank headquarters, the same meticulous care and attention to detail has gone into preserving the heritage of this landmark building.

This latest extension of our banqueting and events space is equipped to host the most discerning clientele and, with a total of 330m² on the ground floor banking hall, allows for a variety of event formats including lavish cocktail parties or glamorous banquets.

The main hall is also able to be sub divided into three separate spaces, while the original teak panelled bank manager’s office renders service as either an opulent break away room or an elegant Cigar Lounge.

More so, underneath the grand banking hall lies the original walk-in vault, only accessible via a winding staircase or classic-style open lift. This incredible space lends itself as a multi-function event venue ideal for intimate banquets, unique corporate events or even art installations.

Access to this premier vent venue is gained through the St George’s Mall entrance, conveniently located next door to Taj Cape Town. This entrance leads through to a glamorous reception bar and lounge where delegates can be registered or guests can be welcomed with canapés and aperitifs before proceeding through to their main event.

For more details, or to secure the ABC Branch as a venue for your next banquet or business function, contact our banqueting team at or 021 819 2000.

Taj Cape Town provides stylish accommodation in Cape Town and is centrally located the historical heart of the city amidst many historical landmarks and tourist attractions.

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“Sketch of the old Reserve Bank”

Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces has been creating, enhancing and caring for landmark properties around the world for over 100 years and Taj Cape Town, with its blend of the heritage buildings and the ‘modern’ tower is a perfect reflection of this urban revival in Cape Town’s heritage area.

The seed of what would become the City of Cape Town was the need for a vegetable garden and a hospital which led to the refreshment station established in 1652 at the Cape of Good Hope by the Dutch East India Company.

The hospital, which was built on the site bounded by today’s Adderley, Wale, St. George’s and Longmarket Streets would, along with the Company Gardens, become the city’s historical and cultural core.  An area which has become synonymous with the the city’s cosmopolitan culture, and history, travellers can find a wealth of heritage sites, museums, galleries, street markets, restaurants, bars and trendy retail stores are all within walking distance.

It’s entirely fitting then that in Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces would beautifully restore the South African Reserve Bank and the adjacent Temple Chambers, both national monuments built on the same property as the original hospital and across the road from the gardens, into the 176-roomed hotel.

Every effort has been made to remain as faithful as possible to the internal historic structure of the buildings, giving Taj Cape Town a blend of old-world charm and elegance. The facades were restored and modern external interventions kept to a minimum, while internally every effort was made to remain historically faithful while maintaining and restoring as many of the important historic rooms as possible.

The hotel is a celebration of the old and the new with a design vision which creates a synthesis between the two historic buildings on the site and the contemporary building that rises out as a new tower amidst Cape Town’s iconic skyline.

An iconic example of the gradual renaissance of Cape Town’s inner city, and a central five-star base in a city that is taking exciting strides forward in art, design, fashion and food while still honouring its history and heritage.

Taj Cape Town provides stylish accommodation in Cape Town and is centrally located the historical heart of the city amidst many historical landmarks and tourist attractions.




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