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Chocolate is the one gift that is always welcome and it comes as no surprise that the near universal love of chocolate has become an integral part of global traditions and cultural holidays the world over. As we enter Easter month, many will recall fond childhood memories of hot cross buns, Easter egg hunts and, of course, all the chocolate we desired.

The rich history of chocolate takes us from the Mesoamerican era – where Maya and Aztecs mixed ground cacao seeds with various seasonings to make a spicy, frothy drink – through to Spanish conquistadors bringing the seeds back home to Spain, where new recipes were created. The drink’s popularity eventually spread throughout Europe.

New technologies and innovations have changed the texture and taste of chocolate over the years, yet it remains one of the world’s favourite indulgences.  So much so that no expense is spared in the creation and presentation of the finest chocolate.

The most expensive box of chocolates in the world is sold in Harrods and is made by Lebanese chocolatier, Patchi. At an incredible £5000, each box of 49 chocolates is personalised and wrapped with leather and handmade silk. The chocolates are made from organic cocoa and each is decorated with gold and a Swarowski crystal flower or silk rose.

The Most expensive bar of chocolate bar in the world went on sale in Selfridges on the 4th August, 2009. It was a Cadbury Wispa bar covered in edible gold leaf, the cost of the bar, £961.48, was the precise value of the bar’s weight in solid gold.

Chocolate lovers in Cape Town are in for a treat. The Taj is hosting a Chocolate Afternoon tea where you will be able to treat yourself to a serving a rooibos chocolate afternoon tea with a selection of chilli chocolate, éclairs, choc-chip scones, chocolate truffles and chocolate cake in the Lobby Lounge.

The Taj Cape Town provides luxury accommodation in Cape Town and will host a deliciously delectable chocolate experience along with their High Tea menus everyday this April leading up to a wonderfully memorable Easter in the City.

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World Design Capital is a bi-annual award bestowed by the International Council for Societies of Industrial Design. It awards a city that uses design in its social, economic and cultural development, and the winning city receives global attention during a year-long series of design lead events.

With the creation and submission of a Bid Book, Cape will be taking its first step towards the bidding process. Two cities will then be shortlisted by the middle of the year, and the winning city announced by the end 2011. That city is then given two years prep time to plan its year long programme of design driven events. Previous winners have included Turin in Italy, Seoul in South Korea and Helsinki, Finland, which will be the World Design Capital in 2012.

Cape Town will be submitting its own bid at the end of March to become World Design Capital in 2014. This would be an especially auspicious win as it would co-inside with the 20th anniversary of a democratically free South Africa. Cape Town will be competing with Bilbao in Spain and Dublin in Ireland, as well as several contender cities in China.

It is believed that the International Council for Societies of Industrial Design is looking for a city from a developing country for 2014, placing Cape Town in a good position with its bid theme of ‘Live Design. Transform Life’. Cape Town’s part in hosting the 2010 World cup and the infrastructure left over has laid the groundwork for making great strides towards becoming a World Design Capital.

Cape Town is well known for hosting big events, including the annual Design Indaba, international music festivals, the World Economic Forum as well as its One City, Many Cultures Project. The mother city is home to a large number of creative industries and boasts many design-related companies and design leaders.

Local and provincial government, creative industry organisations and institutions, the media and leaders in local design have come together in support of the initiative to ensure 2014 is a very creative year for Cape Town.

The Taj Cape Town provides luxury accommodation in Cape Town and is a wonderful design destination, as the beautifully restored architecture represents an innovative twist on timeless elegance.




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