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Switching on the holiday lights on Adderley Street has become a fun festive tradition for families in Cape Town.

Each year the decorative lights are ceremonially switched on, turning Adderley Street, in the Cape Town city centre, into an illuminated festive wonderland.

Those with younger children will find the ceremony an especially charming event, perfect for the whole family.

Last year’s event had special resonance, as it was anticipating the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Many of the lights featured a football theme.

The World Cup may have come and gone, but its legacy remains; with many Capetonians discovering anew the joys of public gatherings and celebrations.

Many, inspired by Cape Town’s very successful Fan Walk project, now look more forward than ever to mingling with their fellow Capetonians in grand public spaces.

The lights create a festive atmosphere, but the real fun is to be had browsing through the Adderley Street Night Market. The market is stands out as a venue where you can sample street food while strolling through the city.

The market also features crafts and other products and festive live entertainment.

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Minstrels Carnival courtesy of Kelsie DiPerna

The Cape minstrel carnival is a landmark Cape Town event, and one of the most vibrant and exciting occasions on the Cape Town festive calendar.

Cape Town’s Mardi Gras begins on 1 January, but the real highlight is the next day, for tweede nuwe jaar, or the second New Year.

Be sure to get to the Cape Town city centre on at least one of these days, because the sight of thousands of brightly dresses minstrels parading though the city – singing, dancing and playing instruments – is something you will never forget.

For tourists and most locals, the event is a fun spectacle. For the performing troupes – the Kaapse Klopse – it’s a very serious business. The minstrel troupes are competing against each other for prizes, from best overall group to best dressed and best musicians.

There are a number of origin stories about the carnival, but its precise inspiration is not known. What is clear, though, is that the Kaapse Klopse is one of Cape Town’s great traditions.

The carnival begins in District Six and winds its way to the city centre.

For a New Tear experience to remember, don’t miss the sights and sounds of the minstrel carnival.

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